The Heyókȟa Process

From Fortune 100 experience to private equity firms to start-ups with a vision raising their first round from friends and family, we have been involved in it all. For a small firm, we have applied our Heyoka process to a wide range of projects and clients. These include:

  • Strategic Planning, business plan development and operational planning. We apply this from within the most mature brands and platforms to starting from scratch with an entrepreneur who seems the future and needs further counsel, coaching and development of the right strategy.
  • Transitional planning including building language structure, patterning and building language bridges between new investors, senior management and the entrepreneur/founder.
  • Pre transaction patterning and modeling. This includes working with private equity and investor base to model CEO / founder / entrepreneur, their senior team, infrastructure, company personality and climate, processes, archetypes, psychology and all of the subtle aspects of the way a companies culture is based.
  • Brand extensions, brand development and building a brand marketing communication. Helping to see brands and their opportunities in unexpected, profitable and market sharing growing ways.
  • CEO, C-Suite Leadership, Executive Team building and coaching. This is a very subtle and complicated process involving using an unlimited area of tools, methodologies, archetypes, psychologies and processes to not only work with current team members, but in building a team based on modeling the environment, culture, needs and personalities to allow the perfect team to be built and mid course corrections more easily implemented.
  • Heyoka's Succession Planning. Our work has taken us into working with families on transition in unconventional ways. We specifically work with the families and individuals to align their core belief's, core personality and in many ways their unstated passions to develop a better language structure and communication model to help the financial planners, partners and senior advisors around these individuals and families have a better understanding of the clients needs and goals.

Finding Value in Everything By 1999, I was one of the early adopters of eBay. One day I discovered the Monkey Queen and it had to be mine for the office. I won it for $19.99. A real bargain! The Donkey Monkey King was created by my team at Yogi Tea as a companion to the Queen and thus a complete set was made. Partially by everyone’s reaction, they remind me every day to see everything for what it is in its essence and not what I want it to be. I get to see and be what I am inspired to be and not what my ego aspires me to be.