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While executive search firms are content with junior hands taping horns onto the heads of horses in their expansive Linked-In corals, Heyokha Talent is busy breaking down fences, carving pathways, and delving into uncharted territory to satisfy the tension between desire and impossibility.

Our teeth have been cut on the realities and pressures of leading C-Suite talent searches as CEOs, CMOs, presidents and founders of private equity and venture backed companies.
Our mission is one of nurturing and caring for those people who entrust us with the future of their lives and livelihoods.

Our approach calls upon the unorthodox practice of not only listening to, but engaging and activating our clients in the challenge of unraveling the nature of their quest, the foundation of their dreams, and the essence of their unicorn.

Our value comes from the belief that success will be found beyond the horizon where pedigree, accomplishment, and expertise align with emotional intelligence, interpersonal dexterity and an intimate understating of corporate values, culture and goals.

Our promise is to employ our extensive cross-market experience, insider’s perspective, language and reach to deliver the best people to serve in elevating your corporate vision, culture, and growth.

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Heyokha Culture calls upon our personal team building experience, practiced beliefs and counter-intuitive instinct to stoke the fires of possibility and advance scaleable recruitment, development and retention programs that elevate corporate culture, experience, productivity and responsibility.

Respectful of this delicate undertaking and complex process, Heyokha mindfully explores and assess the lay of the land to recognize underlying barriers and imagine untapped potential.
Employing a seasoned and reliable cache of tools, methodologies, archetypes, psychologies and processes, we work alongside leadership and employees to dig in and construct a cultural model based on territories, personalities, values, wants, needs and goals.

Along the way we encourage introspection, nourish debate and give rise to engaging narratives and salient ideas that enrich the nature of human experience within the business environment.

The result will be a solid foundation and optimum structure within which to nurture  belonging and activate synergy, affinity and productivity.

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Innovation means nothing until vision is brought to fruition.
Heyokha Innovation brings opportunity to dreams by asking “why” and following that question beyond the horizon where we discover the “what, who and how”. It is only then we can give life to the strategies that define our choices.

Our approach nimbly, playfully and provocatively challenges individuals and business to put aside convention and encumbered politeness to lay bare the foundations on which we build our beliefs, offerings, relationships, and future.

When we work, we assume nothing and utilize everything at our disposal. We do our research, we venture new pathways, push norms, confront fears and create possibility.

From there we build with knowledge, design with intuition and deliver with professionalism and humility. Yes, we work hard, but the results are purposeful and well worth it.

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