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Heyokha, is a uniquely adept and practiced Talent, Strategy and Innovation Agency dedicated to the cultivation and propagation of sustainable growth opportunities for businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Our practice begins with belief, gratitude, and humility and follows a path of curiosity in everything, a questioning of everything, and challenging all that is impossible. It is from here our experience, knowledge, and wisdom are applied within a forum of creativity, ingenuity, and innovation to serve our clients, their people, and their clients.


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Heyokha Leadership


Partner | CEO

Jagatjoti S. Khalsa

"Pathways have rarely been cleared for the entrepreneurial mind to navigate. One must call upon the guidance of our mentors, the honor of our failures and the privilege of success to lay the groundwork for our next venture. We must trust ourselves and believe in those we choose to join us on our journey, from the imagined to the realized.” — JJSK

For over 30 years Jagatjoti (Jugget Jotee) has recognized business opportunities and the promise of possibility while serving the people and business he has been charged to guide. Karate Kid, only slightly less wax on and wax off, and with masters and mentors around the global including and intensive 15 years with the venerable Yogi Bhajan.

Throughout his career, Jagatjoti has identified category-changing opportunities and embraced the promise of possibility while serving the people and business he has been charged to guide. Embolden with an unfettered curiosity and and an otherworldly business acumen, he has envisioned, created and led a diverse portfolio of groundbreaking and gainful businesses built in collaboration with industry leaders, cross-industry connections, innovative problem solvers and daydream believers like himself.

He has either created, launched, built or served many of the nations premier natural and organic foods brands such as Sprout Baby, Yogi Tea, Golden Temple, ALTAR Herbal Martini’s and as Innovation Director and Head of Talent for Fahrenheit 212/Cap Gemini, and has served countless others as a confidante of CEO’s, Global Strategy teams, Boards and Private Equity firms.

Jagatjoti is also the Founder and Creative Director of The Other Person Is You Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation that develops self-sustaining multimedia experiences and social ventures designed to open hearts and minds by connecting individuals within an accessible forum of communication, sharing, understanding and belief —The Other Person Is You. Jagatjoti is the author of two books, Altar Your Space: A Guide to a Restorative Home; and I’m Down with You, An Inspired Journey, a book that shares through portraits and stories, the community of Down syndrome and with what grace and lovingness they live their inspired lives and challenges us to rethink what is abled and what is dis-abled.




Partner | CCO

Michael P. McDevitt

A native New Yorker and Tel Aviv newcomer, Michael has over 25 years of leadership experience within the fields of business orientation, brand creation and innovation, independent film production, interactive public art, academia, and entrepreneurship.

Throughout his career, Michael has advanced a balanced collaboration between business and creative professionals by delivering integrated client services that address the principles of corporate vision, innovation, expression, execution and expansion. Over the years he has played with the big kids, given voice to feisty upstarts and introduced international leaders to the North American marketplace.

Michael's love of storytelling, history and anthropology resulted in his cofounding of an independent media production company that endeavored to connect people from around the world with the real stories of ordinary individuals, families and communities living in the ripple effect of extraordinary events, momentous discovery and remarkable shifts.

While his belief in the democratization of art and social connectivity resulted in his cofounding of an internationally acclaimed public art collective of multidisciplinary artists that continue to create interactive, participatory based public art to inspire self-reflection, thought and human connection.

Michael's commitment to sharing knowledge, experience and inspiration resulted in a 17 year run as an Adjunct Professor within the Communications Design Department of Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute. As an academic lecturer, Michael has presented at institutions such as Syracuse University, The University of New Hampshire, Clark University, Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Tel Aviv University and was even the commencement speaker at the prestigious Munson Williams Proctor Institute of Art.

Michael has been an Artist-In-Residence at the SXSW Festival (2013), as well as SXSL: A White House Festival of Ideas, Art, and Action (2016, Barack Obama President). His works have been featured by such media outlets as National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered”, New York Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, The Public Art Review, The Sun Magazine, Dwell Magazine, and was featured three times on the New York Times Op-Ed page.  He is also co-author of the book, Suggestion (August, 2005) published by Chronicle Books.




SVP | Business development

Anthony DeBartolo

Anthony comes to Heyokha with over 20 years of hands-on operations and leadership knowledge within professional sports and events area, as well as commercial real estate products and services marketplace.

Anthony’s unique path builds upon legendary family ownership of the NFL's San Francisco 49ers franchise, as well as the formidable real estate conglomerate, DeBartolo Corporation. Additionally, Anthony brings 10 years of early-stage investment and advisory experience within the realm of media, entertainment, sports, as well as health and wellbeing — consulting for, and providing opportunity for such clients as GameOn, Sparta, Neurohacker, Humanity Wellbeing, Snapship, Silver Lion Farms, Shopvida, Thinoptics, and DZS.

Anthony has a keen eye for potential, vision, and excellence — as well as the ability to create synergy between people, companies, and ideas that would have otherwise not been connected or developed for significant and sustainable success.

As Heyoka’s VP of Business Development, Anthony is well positioned to leverage business instinct, understanding, and experience to bring together raw talent, thought leaders, industry innovators, Fortune 500 stalwarts, and cultural influencers to the table to identify the next, reimagine success, and create the best.



Business development

Mitchell Krupp

Founder of Krupp Holdings, LLC, a holding company to source capital for companies in the health/wellness, consumer and technology space as well as to provide business development support.

Mitchell has made strategic introductions for capital as well as for distribution, marketing, celebrity endorsement, strategic partnerships and provided overall business development assistance. He has sourced capital and worked with companies such as Marley Coffee, Nektar Naturals, Bariatrix Nutrition, Shred Brands, HSN, Sparkling Drink Systems, Mark Cuban, Joe’s Pizza, Naked Pizza, FoodRocket, Metamorphic Ventures, Bai Beverages, and Fields Texas. He has consulted in a Business Development capacity for Bariatrix Nutrition, Sparkling Drink Systems, Marley Coffee, FoodRocket, Bai Beverages, and Essay.

Mitchell was a Co-Founder and Partner in a number of companies, most recently Shred Brands, LLC where he helped to drive all parts of the business, including operations, development, marketing and human resources. He developed a full line of products for SHRED including healthy popcorn, snack bars, a blender, a coaching app and more. 

Mitchell earned his BA from the University of Pennsylvania, with several business management classes at Wharton. He is also active with City Meals on Wheels in NYC as well as the Diabetes Research Institute.