Live the Process.


The late Yogi Bhajan once wrote, “Be the Altar and not the alternative”. This seems to incapsulate living the process and a host of other organizing principles to living graciously, gracefully and gratefully. We believe that there are five pillars to living the process. be knowing, be trusting in that knowingness, be fearless, be empathetic instead of sympathetic or pitying and as you act with this consciousness, you arrive at humility.


Gratitude is not a zero sum gain. Your gratitude and appreciation for others does not detract from your accomplishments. Gratitude is not expressed, it is radiated. It is not just spoken, but felt by those around you. When gratitude is your attitude, it is known by those who know you or you just come across you. A genuine authenticity is created. It is known and it is experienced.


Humility is something grand to experience but it is never spoken. A language can not be created to express your experience, but rather you undertakings, interactions and experienced going forward reflect your humility. No more can you add language to humility then the finite mind can speak of God’s greatness. Neither can a glass of water ever hope to share or understand the vastness of the ocean. 

In JapJi Sahib, the first prayer of the Sikhs, one of the pauri’s says, “Hundreds of thousands of clever tricks, but not even one of them will go along with you in the end. So to be the only thing is to be the ALTAR and never the alternative.